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Add needed “Trigger Actions” in Zapier that automatically syncs incoming contacts with Shopify


I run an e-commerce business on Shopify. I really need a Zapier “Action Event” option that automatically syncs my current and incoming Shopify customers’ contact information with Ring Central. This “Action Event” should automatically add/update all contact info in RingCentral to match Shopify’s.

On the “Trigger Event” side, Shopify’s “Trigger Event” options are already in place to do what I need. But currently, the only three “Action Events” you offer are:

1) “Generate Ringout Call”

2) “Send Fax” (who still faxes? Lolz)

3) “Send SMS”

Please add these two options:

  • An “Action Event” that automatically creates a new RingCentral contact for all new Shopify customers . Also, please be sure to include the abandoned cart customers as well in this (these are customers that entered their contact info but didn’t end up complete the sale, they are still VERY important and tend to come back again later to complete the sale). Shopify saves their contact info too so it sold be accessible.

  • An “Action Event” that syncs and updates existing RingCentral contacts when a customer’s contact info is updated on Shopify.

I spoke with Zapier about this and they said the integration has to come from your end. They said they would send you a request and that me reaching out to you wouldn’t hurt either, so here I am! 😊

Thanks so much for your consideration on this!! It would be immensely helpful to my business and I’m sure others’ as well!!

  • Adam Fabac
  • Oct 15 2020
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