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More color options



 I opperate a company that floats a lot of tasks and ideas around. One thing we have done is colorcode certain concepts in order for them to stand out differently on the calendar view. The problem is we have more ideas and projects then the current color options provided in Glip. Is there any plans to have that increase?

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  • Oct 23 2018
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  • Guest commented
    3 Nov, 2018 03:33pm

    Thanks for your consideration John

  • John Beckmann commented
    29 Oct, 2018 08:16pm

    Thanks for the additional insight Chris - very useful.

  • Guest commented
    29 Oct, 2018 06:36pm

    Hello John,

    Thanks for taking the time to write back. The answer is actually both, and what I would like to do is use examples to giive you a better idea of how we use the calendar view.


    We go to several trade shows throughout the year, our trade show color is orange. If we had different colors of orange then we can distinguish between, lets say, the Atlanta Trade show and the one in Vegas. Mixed into my calendar are tasks I have to complete for our different clients. I use pink for my online clients because I know how I need to interact with them is different then my brick and mortar clients. As a third example I want to point out green, which is our collaboration color (means more then one team member is working on it usually through a conference or meeting face to face).


    What this allows me to do is to look at what my calendar and see what I have going on and when. Since we can place tasks on each other's calendars, the color code helps me to mentally group things togther to be more efficient. We do use the section area but it doesn't help visual representation when it comes to a daily, and more so, a weekly view. Ideally, if i know all shades of orange or yellow mean one thing, then I could be more mindful of what I am expected to have done.





  • John Beckmann commented
    23 Oct, 2018 10:57pm

    We could certainly add more colors, but eventually that might not be an ideal solution either? For example, if we have many shades of red, they might become hard to distinguish. I'd love to understand a bit more - is the desire to see many tasks from different projects in the calendar simultaneously? Or is it more to be able to view tasks from different projects in the calendar separately? Thanks for any more insight you can provide!