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RCV BAM (Bot & AI Model)

As AI is developing and rapidly growing that is helping people in a lot of ways. Below are some suggestions that can be helpful to customers on daily basis. In addition to this, a BOT can answer users' general queries like How to set up a meeting, camera troubleshooting, etc.

Hey userA, How can I help you today?

  • General Query

  • troubleshooting

  • Connect to an Agent for Help

  • Submit an Idea

  • Submit the logs with Issue details

  • Connect with AI

  • Others

1) Using BAM to get the answers to the general questions directly in Chat/glip by posting the question.

2) Using it for directly opening a support ticket, reporting bugs, and Submitting logs with issue descriptions instead of jumping to the help section, as this will be like an interaction preferred by the users.

3) Using it, creating Meetings with Auto generate topic details. Ex: Hey RCV BAM, generate a meeting for 11 AM tomorrow for the Topic of "How to Drive with some detail" and BAM! you get the meeting information with details that can be edited by the user before finalizing it.

4) Example, the user will be away from the desk but want to be sure to notify the team about the event. Ex: hey BAM, send the @True Success event details tomorrow in the Group @RCV to remind the team to join it.

5) Admin of the account can interact and change the settings. Ex: Hey BAM, Disbale Auto-recording, Delete UserA account and data related, etc

6) User wants to connect with someone but user B is not available. Ex: Hey BAM, notify me when User B is online.

7) Informing/Quering BAM to generate a response for the latest message received from @UserA in formal/informal language

8) Using it to Broadcast a message without creating a group @UserA @UserB @UserC Guys, join this Instant Meeting (BAM Creates it as a keyword entered" Instant Meeting") for a discussion at 5 PM now.

9)Admin: Hey BAM Generate a report for UserA call time and dialed numbers.

NOTE: yes there will consent is required for the user to read the data, but everywhere it is accepted as the data is always encrypted in the such path and only used for AI training model.

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  • Mar 27 2023
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